Why Select AngularJS 7 For Developing Real-World Web Applications?

The very difference between humans and animals is their ability to differentiate, to think, to select better and to work smarter. We would have been still rolling the stone’s and timbers unless we invented more and more technology to ease out our work.

With more precision and quality, we moved forward and elevated our life and condition and entered the world of Web Development where multiple languages have played their role effectively.

And when there is an updated, more effective and high performing web app developing JavaScript framework called “AngularJS 7“, why should we go for any other option?

An in-depth survey conducted by Statista in early 2017 says around the world 44.3 percentage of respondents used AngularJS for their app development purposes. It outpaced React, DotNet, Firebase, Hadoop and Cordova and is considered to be the second most favorite application development framework after Nodejs.

We hope by this new update AngularJS 7, they might have pulled down NodeJS as well.

What Angular 7 Holds in Itself?

Over time, Angularjs had been through a lot of changes and enhancements across the journey and now is present with its latest version that is AngularJS 7.

When Google introduced it in 2009, no technologist expected that it makes such an impact over app development sector. Today, a survey did by StackOverflow reported that around 36.9% of software engineers now, are leveraging Angularjs for creating applications and user interfaces.

So, if you are planning to boost your career in AngularJS, I recommend you to go for an Angular Course because the future developments mostly depend on the updated versions.

Now, let’s have a look over the perks Angularjs 7 have for us.

There is a pack of new features in Angularjs 7 that are exclusively designed and developed for ease out the works and efforts of developers. From the designing to execution, every part of the process is considered for the update.

Angular Features

Developers programming and working on a new web application with Angularjs 7, Command Line Interface (CLI) will ask them to select whether there is a need to add Angular routing or the format of the stylesheet as a structural javascript framework as developing dynamic web applications employs the bundled budget feature of Angular CLI.

And this feature helps the developer much more to we warned not to exceed the prefixed size limit.

For instance, while planning if we prefixed the size for the warning and set a value for error even, the same value can bed altered from the. angular.json file.

Undoubtedly, more flexibility offers a simplified application development by a better level of abstraction to the application developers.

With the CRUD application in the stem, AngularJS is not for all sort of applications. However, most of the applications are of its kind. Even though game applications are less favorable to AngularJS, it’s better to move with jquery.

Application Performance

When it comes to performance, the new update incorporates a lot of movements such as removing polyfills.ts from production builds files that are only needed in development.

Also, to enhance the speed an performance it includes a warning system when the initial bundles exceed 2MB and the error at 5MB which user can alter it in angular j.son file. And this feature is an advantage to warn the users who exploit the data saver option in Chrome.

Development Kit

As part of the update, the development kit of AnagularJS got some good feature such as virtual Scrolling and, Drag and Drop.

On virtual scrolling, the tag cdk-virtual-scroll-viewport can mitigate the issues that are generating while loading a large list of elements. It helps to load the relevant visible part on the screen. Further, when we scroll over the list, the DOM will show the elements measuring the display size.

The feature drag and drop is more convincible to add an element and arranging the elements in almost and take it to anywhere around the frame.

Angular Do-Bootstrap

Angularjs 7 embraces a new life cycle hook ” ngDoBootstrap” and interface to bootstrapping modules that need to bootstrap elements.

Dependency Updates

Angularjs 7 has updated Typescript version. It has been updated from 2.7 to the latest version 3.1. And it is an inevitable constraint for Anglularjs 7.

Further, for an extra boost in the performance of Angulajs 7, it added the recent version of Rxjs 6.3.3.

Also, angular 7 supports Node v10 with backward compatibility also.


With the update ng-compiler, the new Angularjs 7 can perform an accelerated eight-phase compilation and can reduce the exceeding size of the app almost two times. Additionally, the new compiler is equipped with right phase rotating prompt compilation method that can reduce the bundle since significantly.


In development mode, Angularjs 7 added a warning if we try to drive navigation from anywhere else then Angularjs premises. They also add the execution context info to the activation hooks.

About IVY

In Angularjs 7 release we cannot expect Ivy and is still under development process. But there are probabilities to expect it in the next version.

Error Handling and Documentation Support

Angularjs 7 is coming with better error tackling techniques, and the documentation is updated on angular.io.


For starting and running angular projects the new downloadable console suits better on our personnel systems.


The newly released stackBlits 2.0 incorporates the angular language service and a few more exciting features such as tabbed editing etc. for ease out the process.

Native Script

NativeScript enables the possibility of building both web and mobile applications on a single project.


After going through all the information and exciting release of Angular 7, we believe it is a comprehensive package of a small and large toolset that is compatible to all sort of web and mobile app development, especially real-world applications.

It eases out the complex process and mitigates the mundanity of the operators an processes involved in it.

Angulatjs 7 is found to be more convenient with modern technology. The feature such as Virtual Scrolling, Drag and Drop, Angular Material, etc. reduces the headache of developers.

Each added update is significant and has its own role in the output result. So, the tech geeks behind Angularjs have done a great job with the new update of Angular.

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