Unsplash – A Website Which Provides Copyright Free Pictures

Are you looking for copyright free pictures? Images play an important role in improving the user experience for your website. As a website owner, we are always looking for right images which can fit with our website.

While using pictures for commercial use, you can’t use copyright images. To use copyright images, you have to pay picture price or should take permission from the owner.

There are several websites available on the Internet which provides royalty free images. One of them is Unsplash. It is worth to give a try on this website. They have a huge collection of high-resolution photos.

Create Your Own Collection On Unsplash

To use the photos from Unsplash, you don’t need to sign-up on their website. One can search any kind of photos they are looking for like photography images, computer, web development, web design images etc. In response, Unsplash gives some of the best free photos from their collections.

Unsplash Search Photos

We don’t even need to give a credit while using Unsplash photos for commercial use. In case, if someone wants to give a credit to the photographer, then they can use their credit badge or copy-paste their credit text.

Unsplash Credit

You can create your own collection of photos on Unsplash by doing registration. By this way, you will search photos and add them to your collection. Creating our own collection is a better way. We can come anytime and download an image from our collection. We don’t need to search the images again.

Of course, if you wish to use these images on a website, they should not use directly. As these are high-resolution images, you need to first resize and compress these images for better performance. Please check out our articles on Resize Image In PHP Using TinyPNG and TinyPNG – Compress Images Using PHP.

What Else Unsplash Provides

In a chrome browser, you can install the Unsplash Instant extension. Once you installed this extension, whenever you open a new tab in chrome, you will get a high resolution Unsplash photo.

If you are a developer, you might be interested to read about Unsplash API service. At this time, they provide libraries for JavaScript, PHP and Ruby.

We hope you got to know about Unsplash and copyright free pictures they are provided. If you have any questions or suggestions please leave a comment below.

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